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chinese classifier words

Classifiers are a “measure word” that needs to be used when referring to one or more items in

list of chinese measure words / classifiers | learn

measure word for - tables : 篇: measure word for - texts : 趟: measure word for - time : 秒: measure word for - time / seconds : 粒: measure word for - tiny things : 吨: measure word for - ton: 列: measure word for - trains : 棵: measure word for - trees : 堆: measure word for - unorderd piles : 岁: measure word for - …

word dictionary - classifier - mdbg chinese dictionary

hair / feather / down / wool / mildew / mold / coarse or semifinished / young / raw / careless / unthinking / nervous / scared / (of currency) to devalue or depreciate / classifier for Chinese fractional monetary unit ( = 角, = one-tenth of a yuan or 10 fen 分)

chinese measure words (& classifiers) | audio & video included

Chinese Measure Word – 条 As you read this list, think of how each object might be classified as long and thin. For some, like 狗 (gǒu, dog), this seems like a stretch, but imagining a long, thin dog in your head will help you remember this measure word + noun pairing!

how to use: classifers in chinese

Count-classifiers are used to quantify nouns and usually have no direct counterpart in English. Perhaps similar to how we may say “a grain of rice,” Mandarin has classifiers that are used to name single counts of objects

list of chinese measure words - college of saint benedict

objects which form lines (words, etc.) 回: hui2: exclusive to verbal classifiers: 户: hu4: households: 伙: huo3: generally derogatory classifier for bands of people such as gangs or hoodlums: 家: jia1: gathering of people (families, companies, etc.) 架: jia4: airplanes, pianos: 间: jian1: rooms: 件: jian4: matters, clothing, etc. 节: jie2: sections of items (bamboo, etc.) 届: jie4

(pdf) chinese classifiers: their use and acquisition

Chinese classifiers appear with numbers, and so belong to the numeral classifier subtype of world classifiers systems. The Chinese word for classifier is literally 'measure word' 量詞 liangci. Numeral classifiers include five subtypes: 1) measure classifiers such as 藍 lan (basket), or 口kou (mouthful) as well as more precise measures such as 公里 gongli (kilometer)

chinese measure words iii - for animals - learn chinese

Jun 16, 2012 · A measure word 量词 ((liàng cí), also known as a classifier, is used along with numerals to define the quantity of a given object or with words such as …

fun ways to practice chinese classifiers - sbhk blog

- Pull out or write 10-15 classifier word cards - Fill in the grid with a variety of characters that pair with the 10-15 classifier words cards (different characters or arrangement for each sheet) - Put the 10-15 classifier word cards in a bowl or mix them up. Classifiers BINGO Activity (age 3+, single or multi person) 1

a simplified guide to chinese measure words | eurolinguiste

Aug 31, 2015 · Even though the list above can give you a pretty good idea of some of the most common measure words in Mandarin Chinese, there are always exceptions and variations in their use. A good example is the measure word for cars. Some people use 部 bu4, others use 台 tai2, and still others use 辆 …

chinese classifier | project gutenberg self-publishing

One of the basic uses of classifiers is in phrases in which a noun is qualified by a numeral. When a phrase such as "one person" or "three books" is translated into Chinese, it is normally necessary to insert an appropriate classifier between the numeral and the noun

chinese classifier - wikimili, the best wikipedia reader

General classifier (gè in Mandarin, go3 in Cantonese), the most common Chinese classifier The modern Chinese varieties make frequent use of what are called classifiers or measure words. One use of classifiers is when a noun is qualified by a numeral known as a noun phrase

what's the difference between classifiers and measure words?

Jul 21, 2020 · For me, classifier classifies objects, base on their shape, size, substance, grouping, and so on. e.g. 一條魚,一粒米, 一灘水, 一盒餅. A classifier itself is not a measure word until it is used with a counting word. In other words, "measure word' is another name for [quantifier/ counting word + classifier], e.g. 幾條魚,兩粒米. ~

an intro to chinese measure words - ninchanese

Without a measure word, the number of a Chinese noun cannot be expressed. Basic structure. Number + Measure word (classifier) + Noun. Let’s see how that works with examples. We’ll use two common measure words, 个, which is the most common, and 只, which is good with cats. Examples. 一 个 人 A person. 他 有 三 个 苹果。 He has three apples. 七 只 猫

the doubling of classifiers, nouns, verbs and adjectives

Jan 19, 2017 · There are words that don’t allow a classifier after it. The most common are: 天 (tiān) “day”; 年 (nián) “year”; 分钟 (fēnzhōng) “minute”; 页 (yè) “page”. These names can be doubled using the simple doubling and therefore express the meaning of “every …

chinese measure words: complete list, common measure words

Sep 15, 2011 · A measure word (liàngcí 量词 量詞), also known as a classifier or a count word, is used along with numerals to define the quantity of a given object or objects, or with “this”/”that” to identify specific objects. Usage depends on personal preference and dialects. For example, some people use 三部车 (三部車) and others use 三台车 (三台車) to mean three cars

possession and classifiers (lesson 7) - learn chinese

Classifiers, also sometimes called " Measure words " are used to count in Chinese. They are placed between the numerical values and the object. Basically, instead of saying "two horses" for example, the Chinese will say "two horse units ", as we would say " a pair …

practise chinese classifiers in fun ways

Pull out or write 10-15 classifier word cards; Fill in the grid with a variety of characters that pair with the 10-15 classifier words cards (different characters or arrangement for each sheet) Put the 10-15 classifier word cards in a bowl or mix them up

(pdf) on the semantic distinction between classifiers and

Tai & Wang (1990:38) characterize the C/M distinction as follows:A classifier categorizes a class of nouns by picking out some salient perceptual properties, either physically or functionally based, which are permanently associated with entities named by the class of nouns; a measure word does not categorize but denotes the quantity of the entity named by noun.According to this characterization, in Chinese …

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